The design tool
that codes.

In 2020 we were developing an API and it felt like writing the same code over and over again. Then we had an idea. What if we could generate the repetitive code directly from the specification?

Eject's logo with inset images of Birmingham, UK.

First we built a framework to generate code from specifications.

It worked, generating structural code and packages. But the new bottleneck was design. It was time to go deeper.

Eject.JS Framework
Warren Bickley, 2021-2022

So then we asked, what about building a visual design tool with code generation?

Specification and code would remain perfectly in sync.

Non-technical designers could collaborate on technical processes.

Ultimately, anyone with a vision could create a scalable API.

So we’re building Eject, a visual editor that codes Node.js APIs.

Eject Editor
Warren Bickley & Marcus Reidy, 2023

In Birmingham, the city that created the greatest industrial revolution of all time.

Eject's logo with inset images of Birmingham, UK.

And our vision is a world where everyone can create software.