Rapidly develop APIs.
Scale them to infinity.

API design and development happen together on Eject. You design your application, Eject automatically compiles it to Node.js. You get low-code development speed with the scalability provided by code.

The visual editor for creating Node.js APIs.

Eject builds your API as you design it. Your designs automatically compile to Node.js code and you get a complete overview of your application architecture.

Seamless cross-team collaboration.

Technical and non-technical team members collaborate across Eject in real-time. Design, build and review processes can happen simultaneously.

A secure environment for leveraging AI.

Use the latest AI generators to create and modify applications, whilst maintaining security and stability with intelligent versioning and collaborator review.

Intuitive logic editing and version control.

Eject integrates with VSCode for logic editing and GitHub for version control. Changes in Eject sync via your linked GitHub repository to local environments and vice versa.

Best in class API principles, baked-in.

Schema editor for validation and end to end type safety. Automatically generated packages and documentation. Leverage AI and OpenAPI to scaffold architecture. Eject does it all, out of the box.

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Engineering Services

We’ll help you build your application.

At Eject we believe that everyone with a vision should be able to create a web or mobile application. But it helps to have expert support. If your vision is an application, we can help you build it.

We’re API experts.

An API transfers, transforms and loads data from your users. Whether it’s migrating an obsolete API or building a new one, we can develop a solution for you. Eject primarily works with Node.js and Python.

We produce beautiful web and mobile applications.

Eject’s approach emphasises beautiful execution. That means a high quality user experience based on tightly-written, scalable code. We prefer working with React (Next.js) & React Native.

We’re at the forefront of emerging AI technology.

We’re working right now with the latest code generation models for our own platform. Our founding team have extensive experience of AI solution design, model training and architecture.

We care about how your application scales.

We’re in business to help companies scale at pace. Leveraging Eject’s Platform can help. There’s no lock-in by design. If you want to integrate your application or API with Eject, we’ll help make it happen.

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